Our consultancy practice has three main service lines namely:

  • Brand, marketing and communications
  • Customer relationship management
  • Social development


Brand, marketing and communications 

  • Brand and marketing audit
  • Brand, marketing and communications strategy development
  • Internal marketing strategy development
  • Corporate communications strategy development


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 


  • CRM readiness assessment (including gap assessment)
  • CRM roadmap
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • CRM strategy development and implementation


Social development


  • The growing pains of ineffective social programs design, inappropriate programs assessment and lack of skills in data analysis, faced by African governments, international funders, corporate foundations in the areas of social interventions make it difficult for them to develop the best policies  and strategies for poverty alleviation. To address this problem, our social development services focuses on:
  • The design of social development programs using a controlled field experiment approach.
  • The impact assessment of social programs.
  • The development and implementation of CSI strategy.  
  • With unmatched services offering, Upbeat marketing ensures  that the results of controlled experiments are actionable - they can be used by policy makers and CSI strategists to design the best policies and strategies that are aligned with their organisational objectives as well as national priority areas and the millennium development goals (MDG)



Training and Development

Business Development

We can assist you in the:

  • Identification, selection and appointment of preferred partners or suppliers in the African markets
  • Test marketing of new products or services


WEConnect International South Africa Day - 27 October 2014

On celebrating a year of economic empowerment of women in South Africa, WEConnect International, with the support of UPBeat Marketing and Intel,  will be hosting the WEConnect International South Africa Day in Johannesburg, on the 27th of November 2014. The programme for the day will be marked by significant events including a panel discussions , questions & answers. Strategic topics will be covered on how corporate businesses are gearing themselves for procurement of goods and services in 2015. Over and above issues surrounding Women and Wellness will be tackled by a calibre of highly distinguished successful business women. Preference is given to Women Owned Businesses that are business ready for WEConnect International Certification.

Dr Nathalie Chinje chairs the panel discussion at the 2014 Technology for women in Business (TWIB)in Nelspruit, South Africa

Dr. Nathalie Chinje participated as the Chairperson for the panel discussion on "Strategies for building efficient and sustainable businesses" in the 2014 Technology for women in Business (TWIB) award held on the 30th of October 2014 in Nelspruit, South Africa. An event that presented her with a platform to share her corporate,  entrepreneurial experiences & knowledge with emerging female entrepreneurs at this event.  The TWIB proved potential to become a springboard for S.A. female entrepreneurs who are innovatively applying various technologies to their businesses. WEConnect International S.A. and the Department of Small Business foresee a budding partnership aimed at promoting & strengthening Africa's business landscape.

WeConnect and Cummins procurement Workshop set to equip South African WOBs with global Business opportunities

WEConnect International's seal of certification affords South African women-owned businesses the opportunity to become preferred suppliers for WEConnect's impressive list of global Corporate partners. In partnership with Cummins Inc Africa, WEConnect SA is hosting a procurement work shop that with will equip women-owned businesses with the necessary skills to be successful global suppliers. This is definitely an event that savvy business women cannot afford to miss. Date 02 October 2014 at Cummins offices

To find out more about WeConnects Seal of Certification visit our website:

WEConnect International Day at WBENC 2014

Hundreds of women joined the Executive Director for South Africa, Dr Nathalie Chinje for more information on WEConnect International SA in Philadelphia, where she met hundreds of women entrepreneurs who gathered on  Sunday, June 22 to celebrate WEConnect International Day with a full day of programming representing a unique forum for the network of partners, corporate members and women business owners of WEConnect International to develop their professional skills and widen their circle of contacts. From June 23 to June 25, was the WBENC National Conference and Business Fair, an event that annually draws over 3,000 participants.


"Upbeat marketing has a very dynamic, innovative and reliable team. They have delivered outstanding creative solutions to my company"

Prof Nicholas Biekpe
President, Africa Growth Research

"Customer Centricity - This programme must be rolled out to all (Executives included) in SAPO up to management level. Its customer focused but also mind changing"

Area Manager - South African Post Office

"Customer Centricity - Dr Nathalie Chinje facilitated extremely well. Her wealth of knowledge and ability to transfer the knowledge added great value. Entire SAPO management needs to attend!"

Senior Manager - South African Post Office