Customer Centricity programmes

"It is the customer who determines what a business is, what it produces, and whether it will prosper." Peter Drucker, Practice of Management, 1954.

Companies are increasingly talking about "customer centricity" as a new management paradigm that allows them to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers by better understanding their behaviours and anticipating their needs.  However, these companies have different perspectives about what customer centricity really means and these definitions are often quite contradictory even amongst employees of the same company.

In addition, the current high failure of customer-centric  programmes (estimated at 80% by some research organisations) requires decision-makers to be equipped with the right tools that will enable them to develop and implement customer-centric programmes.

This course is all about equipping you with these tools.

The primary goal of this course is to enable decision makers/participants to build and sustain customer-centric organisations.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Build a business case for customer centricity that your Senior Executive team can not refute
  • Make the customer voice actionable so that the feedback received from your customers is acted upon.
  • Identify key customer-centric behaviours that your company as well as its employees can adopt
  • Differentiate a product,  sales-focused company from a customer centric company
  • Identify issues and challenges that deter a company from becoming customer-centric
  • Explain the organisational capabilities required to be customer-centric
  • Apply a comprehensive framework that shows how all customer measures fit together
  • Design and implement a customer-centric program in an emerging market context.

The course format will comprise:

  • Individual reading and preparation
  • Formal interactive lectures
  • In-class discussion of readings and case studies
  • Guest lecturers who are industry specialists.

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Venue : Sandton, Johannesburg - South Africa

  • Dr. Nathalie Chinje is the Founder and Director of Upbeat marketing, a marketing consultancy based in Johannesburg, South Africa which offers such services as consulting, training and business development to companies with a pan-African vision. She has 13 years practical experience in marketing acquired as an independent consultant and corporate employee. She has consulted to companies across these three industries; namely telecommunications, Retail/FMCG and Financial services. These companies have included, amongst other, Telkom mobile, MTN Group, Edcon group, Standard Bank, Metropolitan, SAB Miller and Tiger Brands-just to name a few.  Further, Ms. Chinje currently serves on the Advocacy and Communication Committee of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Board.

  • Dr. Chinje also serves as the Executive Director for WeConnect International South Africa, a corporate-led non-profit that empowers women business owners to succeed in local and global markets.

  • Dr. Chinje graduated from the University of Stellenbosch business school in South Africa with a Master in Business Administration (MBA) Degree. She is a Chartered Marketer and also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree in Marketing and Communications from the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM).

  • Dr. Chinje holds a PhD from Wits Business School in Johannesburg, South Africa. As part of her PhD programme, she spent a year as an International visiting scholar, first at the HEC-Montreal in Canada and then at Stern School of Business at New York University (NYU) in the USA. Further, she is a faculty member at Wits Business School and Duke Corporate Education, South Africa where she teaches marketing and customer centricity.

  • Dr. Chinje is a member of these associations:
  • Academy of Marketing Sciences, USA
  • The Southern Africa Institute of Management Scientists (SAIMS)
  • Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA)