Personal Mastery Program

"There is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living". Nelson Mandela 

Passionate people produce results. Successful organisations recognise that sustainable results flows from a serious commitment to helping people reach their own personal unique potential. When people grow as indivuduals, they automatically become more effective and valuable as employees. Personal growth training and activities produces new skills,  behaviours and intelligence that is directly transferable to any job function.

The best employers recognise this and as such offer development programs to unlock their people potential and maximise opportunities for success. 

Our two-day personal mastery program will provide employees with the tools they need to tap into their unique potential .

The primary goal of this course is to enable participants to unlock their potential and create their unique opportunities for success.

At the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Understand your strengths, your limitations and hence your opportunities for success; 
  • Identify the unique value you can add to your job function
  • Understand others' perceptions of your behaviour with its pros and cons
  • Know your preferences and what you need to produce the results you desire
  • Build better relationships with your colleagues and peers
  • Be more authentic and gain the trust of others
  • Communicate with others in a manner that reduces conflict and delivers better results
  • Identify the needs, behaviours and preferences of others your colleagues and peers, etc

The course format will comprise

  • Interactive lectures
  • Group work and activities
  • In class reading discussions
  • A structured analysis to determine your unique characteristics
  • Interpretation of the analysis
ProgrammeDateDeadline For Registration
Personal Mastery 1 (PM 1)6 February 2015 Register Now
Personal Mastery 2 (PM 2)5 February 2015 Register Now

Venue : Sandton, Johannesburg & Pretoria

Anwynne Schroder is a management consultant, licenced facilitator and coach with more than 20 years of business experience in marketing,personaldevelopment and business development. She is the founder of Redthree Business Solutions, a boutique management consultancy, providing training, coaching and consulting solutions to organisations in South Africa.

Anwynne is also the Master trainer and managing partner for Structogram South Africa. Structogram is a training system that is used by corporations world-wide for more than 30 years for personal development, improving interpersonal skills, selling competence and more.

Anwynne graduated from the Universtity of Cape Town (GSB) with an MBA and also holds a bachelor of commerce from the UNISA.